Tie patterns: a journey through curiosities and pairings

Since ancient times, ties have played a significant role in culture and fashion. From English regimental stripes, telling tales of memberships and honours, to sophisticated floral patterns evoking the delicacy of nature and art, pattern ties have always had much to say.

How to match scarf with outfit

The scarf, more than just an accessory for cold protection, is an element that tells stories of style, tradition, and culture. From ancient times, this versatile accessory has played a significant role in the world of fashion. It has been used by soldiers to protect their necks and adorned the shoulders of kings and nobles, evolving from a simple functional garment to a symbol of elegance and social status.

How to match shirt and tie: tips for a harmonious look

The pairing of a tie with a shirt is truly a refined art, a dance of style and elegance rooted in the history of men's fashion. This combination, more than any other, embodies a blend that symbolizes a code of sophistication and distinctiveness, a balance between tradition and innovation, representing a fundamental pillar of sartorial elegance.

How to tie an Ascot: the best ways and moments to wear it

The Ascot is more than just an accessory: it's a statement of style, a tailoring heritage that tells stories of elegance and sophistication. This article explores the art of wearing the ascot, a cornerstone of male elegance, explaining how to tie it and in which contexts to wear it to enhance your personal style.

How to tie a Windsor knot in 8 easy steps

Large, wide, and perfectly symmetrical, the Windsor knot is a symbol of supreme elegance. It conveys seriousness and confidence, making it one of the most used knots for formal occasions and major events such as gala dinners and weddings, for significant work commitments and in politics, not to mention it has become the standard model for tying ties in the Italian military.

How to wear a knit tie: looks for the best occasions
The knit tie is an accessory that has captivated stylish men for generations. Its versatility and timeless charm make it an ideal choice for a variety of occasions. This article takes you on an exploratory journey through the history and culture of the knitted tie, accompanied by valuable tips on how to wear it with style.
The history of suspenders: gifting more than just an accessory
Finding the right gift for a special man can be a challenge, especially when his wardrobe seems to have every detail covered. Going beyond the simple thought of "it's the thought that counts" can make all the difference.  Why not opt for a unique and practical touch of elegance, showing your passion and taste for elegance, by gifting something unusual and extremely useful like a pair of Fumagalli 1891 braces?
Bandana around neck: the timelessness of a vintage soul accessory

The world of fashion is an ever-changing and evolving universe. Among its elements are some that withstand the test of time, becoming authentic and timeless symbols of style. One of these is undoubtedly the bandana around the neck, a vintage-inspired accessory that has traversed eras and cultures, always remaining at the center of attention for its versatility, timeless charm, and the style it brings to every outfit.

Tie for a wedding: how to choose the right one
The wedding day is one of the most beautiful and important days in a man's life. A crucial decision on this unique occasion, after choosing the suit, is selecting the right accessories. The details can make a difference in the look of the big day, adding a touch of style and elegantly showcasing the wearer's personal flair. The tie, for its timeless ability to bestow elegance and refinement to any type of outfit, is the preferred accessory for weddings. 
Men's accessories: authentic originality for classy style

The difference between an ordinary outfit and one full of personality and elegance can always be seen in the details. This is why choosing the right accessories is extremely important for those who want to dress with a refined and impeccable style, but with a strong identity. Discover the world of men's accessories and learn how best to combine them to create your own unmistakable style.

Best tie knots: some interesting facts about the most common knots

The tie knot hides deep symbolic meanings and is an all but negligible detail in expressing one's style. Learning to master the execution of the different knots, knowing how to choose the right knot according to the type of tie and occasion is an art to be discovered, which every man who wants to always be elegant should know.

Folding a pocket square: four ideas for a classy touch

The origin of the pochette, or pocket square, seems to date back to the banks of the Nile River in ancient Egypt. People of that area used the ancestor of this accessory both as a cloth to wipe away the sweat and toil of hard work, but also as an object to flaunt their wealth. Today, the pocket square is used as a distinctive element in men's outfits, synonymous with class, attention to detail and self-care, able to adapt to solemn, formal, business and even more casual contexts.

Men's scarf knots: how to wear it with class and elegance
signature accessory in a true gentleman's wardrobe, the scarf has over more than 2000 years of history behind it. It is perhaps one of the oldest in the world of accessories: ever since man learnt to weave cloth, he has been wrapping his head and neck in these worked fabrics that bring to mind the modern scarf.
The "stylish women's scarf" is an authentic and sophisticated accessory

The history of the scarf has its roots in the past. The first peoples to start using an accessory similar to the one we know today were the Egyptians and Romans. In Egypt, the scarf was a symbol of power, proof of the social position to which one belonged. For the Romans, on the other hand, the “Sudarium” was a kind of scarf that was used tied around the waist or around the neck to wipe away sweat.

The best accessories for women: how to valorise your outfits with originality

Accessories are an important sphere of the clothing world, worn mainly to enhance an outfit, make it unique and special. Sometimes to give a slightly more casual air to an outfit, other times to add a touch of style and elegance to a dress or suit. The beauty of accessories is precisely that they can tell their own story and express themselves as freely and personally as possible. A real world to discover that of accessories, which for centuries has accompanied the way of being of each of us.

The origin and the history of the bandana

A fine, light accessory that can be worn in an infinite number of different ways. In fact, the bandana is one of the most versatile items of clothing to enter the wardrobe of modern western society. Whether you like classic clothes or street style or any other look, there is a Fumagalli 1891 foulard that will fit the style perfectly. Remember, however, that a neckerchief is a small detail, an integral part and not the basis of your outfit. A distinct but no less important part of your outfit. But before we find out how and when to wear it, here is some history of this precious lightweight square of cloth.

Best tie knots for the wedding day

Ancient Rome was the first city to adopt what was soon to become the male accessory par excellence: the tie. Roman legionaries used to wear a strip of cloth around their necks as protection for their airways during their long road marches. Over the years, the piece of cloth gradually thinned to the shape we know today.

How to wear a neckerchief for men: 6 ideas for a refined look
The accessory is a necessary and indispensable element to give charm to the whole outfit. It is a true symbol of accuracy and love for your image.
In particular, a foulard or bandana, if well chosen, can make a banal outfit into a unique look and raise it to a completely different level, adding a touch of originality.
How to wear a foulard: 4 sophisticated ideas for women
A timeless icon: a favourite accessory of the divas of the 1950s and 1960s, the foulard or carré is a refined, lightweight and extremely versatile headscarf. It can be worn and knotted in a variety of ways: around the neck, as a headdress or to adorn one's handbag with class.
History of Christmas gifts: the importance of the gift from the past to the present
The gift is a well-established custom today, especially at certain times of the year and for particular occasions. One above all, of course, is Christmas. On this occasion, it is normal to find ourselves thinking and having to choose the right gift: it is a unique experience that allows us to take care and nurture a relationship, thanks to a meaningful and selfless gesture.
130 years of Fumagalli 1891 and its historical archives
130 years have passed by since 1891, when Attilio Fumagalli opened the first tie factory in Milan. In 130 years Italy has grown as a modern country, Italian habits have changed and the industry of fashion and advertising was born and developed. Fumagalli 1891 historical archives show how Fumagalli took part in changes and progress, preserving memory of its past.
On the 130th anniversary, we can start a fascinating journey to rediscover the past.