Tie scarves (Tubular)



The Tie Scarf is the perfect accessory for those who do not want to renounce class, style and elegance. Loved by both women and men, it is the informal and well-balanced choice between a scarf and a tie. A versatile accessory that bridges the boundaries of men's and women's fashion.

Made of pure silk, carefully chosen from the prestigious Como district, Fumagalli 1891 uses care and precision to create these precious accessories. Hand stitching and unique patterns from the company's archives attest to the quality and passion that characterise the Tie Scarves and other accessories that Fumagalli 1891 has been producing for over 130 years.

Perfect for elegant but not formal occasions, the Tie Scarf, a fusion of the vapor lines of the scarf and the elegant shapes of the tie, is particularly appreciated by the true gentleman to give a touch of original ease to the outfit. It goes well with more casual and sporty shirts, suits and jackets. It is an accessory that gives a neat and never predictable look. Sophisticated, giving a distinguished and neat effect, the Tie Scarf is the perfect companion to enhance a woman's look with unique elegance and charm. Knotted around the neck, it is an accessory that lends itself well to personalising plain-coloured dresses and suits.

Brightly coloured patterns and designs or softer shades: the Tie Scarf is an accessory that can complete any men's or women's look, adding a touch of informal elegance.

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