Tweed & donegal ties


Ireland is home to one of the world's most famous and iconic wool fabrics.

Donegal Tweed, which derives its name from the Donegal region of Ireland, is a thick woven fabric made from wool. But it is not in the texture that one finds the feature that has made Tweed (or Twill, as it was apparently originally called) famous, but rather in its diagonal striped pattern. The classic pattern was then declined in different combinations, resulting in ever-changing but still characteristic geometries of Donegal Tweed. Each colour combination denoted membership of a particular social group, from royalty to serfs.

Originally, the cloth was woven on wooden looms, which allowed the surface to remain rough. Initially, being thick and heavy, Donegal Tweed was the preferred choice for making suits and sports jackets for winter wear. Over time, the particularity of the pattern and texture brought new life to this fabric, which is now used by Fumagalli 1891 to produce a collection of ties with a vintage and Nordic flavour.

Pleasant to the touch and iconic in style, they are the perfect accessories for those who appreciate the quality of Made in Italy and manual workmanship. Donegal Tweed ties will bring a touch of Ireland to your every outfit.