Luxury italian ties


"Of all knots, the tie is the most elegant.
It does not wound, it does not suffocate, it does not chain. It tightens and gives value to the face, with a light all its own."

Always recognised as the symbol of men's elegance par excellence, the tie, a timeless garment and emblem of style, is one of the most popular men's accessories, capable of embellishing any outfit.

The first ancestor of the tie can be found in the time of the Ancient Egyptians. This civilisation used to tie strips of coloured fabric around the necks of their loved ones during funeral rites. From here, various peoples from different continents wore strips of more or less valuable fabric around their necks in the course of historical epochs to meet different needs. The Roman legionaries used these pieces of cloth to protect their breathing passages from dust during long marches. The French fell in love with this accessory when they saw it worn by Croatian mercenaries during the Thirty Years' War. We would have to wait until the 20th century to find tie models like those we know today. Thanks to the American Jesse Langsdorf, the method of cutting the fabric at a right angle to the direction of the weft instead of parallel became popular. From then on, real ties, as we know them today, began to spread.

For Fumagalli 1891, the art of tailoring is combined with tradition and a passion for historicity and culture. Vivid patterns taken from the historical archive, the company's heritage, enliven the collections made with precious fabrics. The love for historicity and tailoring allows for ties that meet every style. Plain-coloured, classic or characterised by designs and patterns: each tie is suitable for a different occasion.

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