Luxury elegant suspenders and braces



Fumagalli 1891 evening braces are extremely elegant accessories ideal for the most solemn occasions.

This accessory was born in the 18th century with the simple purpose of holding up trousers, meeting with appreciation by the French nobility. Later, celebrities from the worlds of film and music made braces a distinctive feature of their style, making them a very trendy accessory.

The ceremony braces are made using fine materials such as pure silk and genuine leather. The entire production process takes place at the company's historic site in Como, a guarantee of a Made in Italy product.

Fumagalli 1891's luxury evening braces are plain-coloured, in the most classic shades of blue and black, to allow you to match them easily with the most elegant suits, giving you impeccable style. They give an old-world charm to the man who wears them; they are suitable for those who wish to stand out and amaze with refinement and good taste.

Ceremonial braces are particularly appreciated in combination with tailored suits; they are the accessory that completes your outfit in the best way, accompanying you in the most important moments.