Women's wool scarves


The Fumagalli 1891 wool scarves in the women's collection are entirely handmade with Made in Italy tailoring techniques. The various fabrics that make them up are carefully selected from the best producers in the renowned Como area to guarantee products of the finest quality.

They are extremely soft and light, but at the same time protect you effectively from the cold, enveloping you in a warm embrace of refined style. Their softness is given by the special 'hydro soft' production technique, a process that uses steam and a special enzyme to make the fabric even softer. The enzyme used in this operation, jealously guarded by expert craftsmen, improves the fabric and its stability. The particularity of this treatment is that it has different effects in each scarf, a guarantee of entirely handcrafted production that makes it possible to obtain unique and authentic products that are not perfectly identical. 

The designs of the prints are part of the historical Fumagalli 1891 archive and come in a wide variety of subjects and styles to satisfy every woman's taste.

Luxury wool scarves are an indispensable accessory to complete one's outfit for an important occasion such as a ceremony or formal event, enriching it with extreme refinement, or to elegantly shelter oneself on a cold or windy day.

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