Classic & micro ties


For a man, wearing a tie means expressing his personality.

There are some who love showy and colourful patterns, some who wear only silk ties and some who would never renounce the most classic patterns. And just as there is a tie for every man, there is a tie for every occasion and time of day.

In Fumagalli 1891's collection of classic and micro ties, every man can find what he is looking for, and much more. Every single piece is created from fine fabrics, soft and light, which are handcrafted as they once were, with inimitable and superb craftsmanship.

From the most original designs directly from the company's historical archive for classic ties in regimental, paisley, or refined polka dot patterns, you can choose a different style to match your outfits every day. Synonymous with class and charm, the tie has been worn by film actors, singers and style icons from all eras. Today, it remains a must-have piece in the outfit of the man who wants to look impeccable at all times, whatever the occasion.

You just have to choose the model that best suits your style from all those handcrafted by Fumagalli 1891.

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