The best accessories for women: how to valorise your outfits with originality

“A woman's elegance is strongly permeated by notes of simplicity and a few touches of light-heartedness and boldness”.


A way to express oneself, one's personality and character. Accessories are an important sphere of the clothing world, worn mainly to enhance an outfitmake it unique and special. Sometimes to give a slightly more casual air to an outfit, other times to add a touch of style and elegance to a dress or suit. The beauty of accessories is precisely that they can tell their own story and express themselves as freely and personally as possible. Scarves with fine fabrics that are pleasant to the touch, foulards with patterns and prints belonging to the company's historical archives, bandanas and tie bands that give authenticity to your looks. A real world to discover that of accessories, which for centuries has accompanied the way of being of each of us.



A story with roots in the past

That of accessories is a history and tradition that has its origins in the past. Sometimes considered as an expression and symbol of a particular era, accessories have seen different uses and functions over time. From symbolising splendour and representing the aristocratic class, as in the case of masks and fans in the 18th century, they continue to be a precious and refined object to be combined with one's clothing to represent the uniqueness that distinguishes each of us.

Especially in the past, accessories played an important role related more to aesthetics than to their functionality. The fundamental aspects that led noblewomen and gentlemen to purchase were the beauty, elegance and preciousness of the accessory. With the Enlightenment, all this concentration on the desire to appear in public slowly began to give way to the ability to express oneself. In this era, sober, dark clothes take over from coloured ones. And precisely to avoid falling into anonymity, accessories become the tool par excellence to express one's character and uniqueness. Not only that: from this period on, accessories also took on a functional character and began to be used for their function, thus uniting luxury with the object's utility.

The 19th century marked a very important moment in the universe of women's accessories. Until then, women went out very little and lived most of their lives inside sumptuous palaces. Accessories were only used to embellish clothes. As women began to go out, travel and live a public life, their usefulness also became important: hence the need for comfortable shoes, capacious handbags and scarves to shelter them from the cold.

The real turning point in the role of women's accessories came with the revolutionary designer Coco Chanel. It was with her sober and refined clothes that, for women too, accessories became a distinctive, elegant and luxurious symbol with which they could express their character and personality.

In recent years, consumer attention towards exclusive and handcrafted products has grown considerably. Today, the quest for Italian style, high quality and handmade meet the need for originality, exclusivity and authenticity of accessories, which embody a heritage and historicity that have been handed down for years.

The women's collection of authentic and refined accessories

Accessories communicate uniqueness. Whatever type they belong to, their ability to speak about us and to uncover certain sides of our personality is very profound.

Fumagalli 1891, with a century-long history in the textile industry behind it, in its collection of accessories dedicated to women, combines and merges tradition, drawing on the company's historicity in its products, with innovation, meeting modern design.

Soft scarves, wraparound stoles, elegant foulards and light bandanas made of fine fabrics such as wool, cashmere, silk and cotton are the accessories that give character to every outfit. Used also in past eras, they continue to be precious objects, capable of making one's look authentic and personal. The patterns, colours and fabrics of these precious pieces of cloth allow them to be worn all year round. By playing with combinations, contrasts and volumes, you can give free rein to your creativity, showing them off on both formal and informal occasions. There is also plenty of room for fantasy in the many ways these accessories can be worn. Tie them tightly around your neck or let them fall softly over your shoulders. Woven into the hair or knotted to the handles of a handbag. Used as a belt to enhance the waist, they can also become soft jewellery.

All you have to do is explore yourself, search within yourself for your uniqueness and express it through an authentic symbol, finding the accessory that best suits your style.