Unlined ties


Unlined ties represent one of the highest expressions of sartorial technique.

They cannot be made in any other way than by hand. It is a particular type of tie that, as one can easily guess, has no inner lining. This means that the tie has no support, is light and moves with you, as if it is tied to your body and your movements.

Creating an unlined tie requires an advanced technique and attention to the smallest detail that only the experience of skilled hands can provide.

The artisan tailors at Fumagalli 1891 searched for the most original patterns, the most precious designs and the finest fabrics to create this collection of unlined ties. Indeed, they wished to honour a garment that better than any other represents the mastery of craftsmanship over industrial production.

The sartorial tailoring in the form of an X, the two-point tying without insertion, the hemming: everything is done entirely by hand, to create models that are truly unique and inimitable.

Intended for true tie enthusiasts, connoisseurs of good taste and tailoring, sartorial ties are a hust-have style accessory.