Silk scarves 60 x 60 (neckerchiefs)



Around the 1930s, this accessory became clear in the universe of haute couture, but originally its use was purely functional. In the military world, in fact, soldiers used it as protection, or to distinguish the rank to which they belonged.

A small world wrapped around the collar: today silk meets cotton and wool to color every outfit, from casual chic to more sophisticated looks. There are no more secrets in terms of geometries and patterns: with their fine width, foulard bandanas and neckerchiefs give the male silhouette a touch of precious elegance.

Style and practicality come together to give shape to squares of fabric capable of embellishing everyday looks, enlivening, depending on the occasion, with a variety of unique motifs and prints. The particular dust effect that covers these neckerchiefs is obtained by combining the refinement of silk with a soft cotton: a tender caress around the neck.

Soft and light, the silk and cotton neckerchiefs are the ideal companion to wrap yourself up with during cooler days and evenings.

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