Women's luxury scarves


The Fumagalli 1891 collection of luxury women's scarves includes a wide choice of patterns and colours to suit every woman's taste. They are entirely handmade with traditional techniques, using precious materials such as pure wool, fine silk and warm cashmere.

The scarf, an accessory that protects the neck from the cold or wind, has taken on important symbolic meanings over the centuries: a valuable distinctive element used to express one's membership of certain wealthy social groups or organisations.

The luxury scarf enriches and lends character to everyday clothing, giving a touch of personality and elegance in every situation, enhancing even the most ordinary garments. At the same time, it allows the neck to be covered with refinement during an important occasion, harmoniously complementing and enhancing elegant and formal clothes.

In the Fumagalli 1891 collection you can find scarves for both cool summer evenings and cold winter days, in many different patterns and colours. The decorations of the prints are part of the company's historical archive, a fusion of tradition and innovation, a testimony to Italian design.

From the most delicate and classic floral patterns to modern designs inspired by cities, via prints that pay homage to the oldest and most famous sports: every woman will be able to find the scarf that best meets her taste, to express her style with elegance every day.

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