Floral ties for men


A symbol of life and rebirth: in the 20th century, floral prints found wide space in the creativity of the designers of the time. Inspired by the art and painting in the Art Nouveau style, motifs echoing the Dolce Stil Novo imposed during this period, where nature once again took centre stage. Leaves, fruits and especially flowers of all kinds dye fabrics and textiles, giving life to elegant and lively clothes and accessories. Even today, the floral print continues to be appreciated in both men's and women's fashion.

Ironic and never ordinary, floral ties are the must-have item in the wardrobe of the man who loves to stand out without renouncing quality fabrics and fastenings. For this reason, Fumagalli 1891 handmade ties are carefully handcrafted by master artisans in the Como area, who have always been faithful to the long tradition of Italian tailoring.

The undisputed star her: a silk of the highest quality that restores a velvety softness to the skin. From the brightest and most brilliant tones to neutral and delicate nuances, Fumagalli 1891's vast collection of men's floral ties meets different needs and desires in fashion.

All the designs reproduced on the floral ties come from the company's historical archive, a collection of images and motifs that, tracing Fumagalli 1891 accessories, give them a unique and exclusive style.
Enhance the most ordinary suits and don't give up daring: wearing a floral tie means choosing to face your day with flair, brio and originality.

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