How to match scarf with outfit

The scarf, more than just an accessory for cold protection, is an element that tells
stories of style, tradition, and culture. From ancient times, this versatile accessory has played a significant role in the world of fashion. It has been used by soldiers to protect their necks and adorned the shoulders of kings and nobles, evolving from a simple functional garment to a symbol of elegance and social status.

Over the centuries, the scarf has traversed different cultures and eras, adapting and
transforming to reflect the trends and tastes of the time. Today, the scarf is an indispensable element in men's clothing, representing a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics.


A wrap of style

Contrary to what many might think, a scarf is not just a winter utility accessory, but a distinctive piece that can enrich men's clothing. This element, if chosen and worn with taste and attention, can underline the personality and transform a simple outfit into a sophisticated ensemble.

The pattern, details, and quality of the yarns with which a scarf is made determine its ability to add a unique touch to the wearer's style. Whether paired with formal clothing or used with an elegant outfit, the scarf is the ideal accessory to narrate elegance and style.

The choice of a scarf should not be underestimated as it plays a fundamental role in the final effect of the outfit. With a few small touches, playing with this accessory allows you to express your character and personal taste, exploring new combinations and styles.




Choosing the right colour

The choice of a scarf's colour may seem a minor detail, but it actually plays a crucial role in the combination with the entire outfit. Contrary to what might be thought, there are no fixed rules in selecting colours for scarves, although some caution is advised to avoid overly eccentric or out-of-context combinations.

Scarves with predominance of neutral shades like grey, beige, or blue easily adapt to different colours and styles of clothing. For a bolder touch, one can opt for vibrant colours like red or green, ideal for bringing life and personality to a more subdued outfit.

The key to choosing the ideal colour of the scarf lies in understanding which shade best suits your complexion and the context in which the accessory is intended to be worn. It is essential to maintain a chromatic balance between the scarf and the rest of the wardrobe, avoiding overly strong contrasts.


Matching patterns

The combination of scarf patterns allows you to express your personality and individual style. The fundamental rule is the search for balance. A scarf with a lively or detailed pattern can become the focal point of the outfit, so it is essential to balance it with more neutral and sober garments, creating looks that attract attention without overloading them.

In the vast assortment of Fumagalli 1891 scarves, each pattern tells a story, taken directly from the company's historical archives, reflecting over a century of tradition and innovation in sartorial fashion. The variety of collections allows you to choose from designs that speak of personal interests, passions, or simply a preference for a certain style. From sport scarves celebrating iconic disciplines, to those depicting animals, to more traditional patterns like floral prints or more sought-after designs, like those from the historical collection, Fumagalli's assortment is a true universe of elegance and class.


Choosing the right fabric

The combination of fabric for a scarf is a crucial aspect to define the tone and style of an outfit. The right material choice not only determines the scarf's adaptability to different seasons but also underlines the taste and refinement of the wearer.

The traditional warmth of wool

Wool scarves represent a classic choice. They have a significant ability to retain heat and are breathable, making them ideal for protection against cold and humidity. They offer a touch of traditional elegance and perfectly match with coats and tailored jackets.

The softness of cashmere

Cashmere, extracted from the Cashmere goat, is famous for its incredible softness and the luxury it has represented for centuries. Cashmere scarves are warm, lightweight, and exceptionally soft, ideal for those looking for a high-quality accessory that combines elegance, class, and comfort.

The refined elegance of silk

For milder seasons and formal looks, silk scarves are an impeccable choice. Silk, with its natural shine and fluidity, adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, perfect for complementing a ceremonial suit or a tailored outfit with class.



The scarf represents a perfect mix of functionality and elegance. It has become a canvas for expressing personality, style, and individual preferences. The colour, pattern, and fabric are not simple details, but fundamental components that, in harmony with the rest of the clothing, can elevate a simple combination to a manifestation of unique and personal style. A scarf matched with attention and care is capable of enhancing the natural elegance of a man, making him distinctive in every context.


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