Luxury silk scarves



A silk scarf around a man's neck: a touch of refinement that has not lost its charm for over four millennia. The silk comes into contact with the skin and imprints a memory right there. For each season, Fumagalli 1891 creates numerous designs combined with different nuances to meet the style of the moment.

The ancestors of modern scarves were used by Roman fighters in Germanic territory to protect themselves from the cold winds of Northern Europe. Perfect in every season, today silk scarves know how to give a sophisticated touch to coats and raincoats: wearing a silk scarf you know how to leave your mark. From the most formal circumstances to events where modern style is king, the men's silk scarf remains one of the most versatile and precious accessories.

The motifs on the fabrics incorporate the images preserved in the Fumagalli 1891 archive, a heritage of drawings and graphics that gives each scarf a unique character.

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