Women's Cashmere Scarves


Cashmere scarves for women are an accessory of great value and elegance, to be worn on the most important occasions and to enrich everyday outfits.

Cashmere has always been considered one of the most precious and refined fabrics, a symbol of good taste and great style. It is a natural fibre obtained from the fleece of a particular breed of goats, called, precisely, Cashmere. These goats are bred in several countries in Central Asia, although the most valuable cashmere comes from Mongolia.

Only the highest quality cashmere is chosen for the production of Fumagalli 1891 scarves. It is processed using artisanal techniques and treated with a special enzymatic process that further enhances the extremely soft and velvety texture of this material. The cashmere scarves of the Fumagalli 1891 women's collection are available in different patterns and colours: from paisley motifs to elegant floral decorations, from the company's historical archive, to meet every woman's taste.

Classic and elegant, extrovert and more showy patterns, romantic decorations: cashmere scarves are the accessory that completes the outfit of every woman who wants to give her clothing a touch of personality and style.

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