Plain ties


So known and appreciated, yet hardly anyone knows exactly where it originates. The most widespread version attributes the invention of the tie to Croatian mercenaries. During the Thirty Years War, the Croatians serving in the French capital attracted the attention of Parisians with their typical scarves elegantly twisted around the neck.

A second version, on the other hand, confirms that the first appearance of the solid plain tie occurred around the mid-17th century. A young Louis XIV of Bourbon began to tie a simple handkerchief around his neck, launching a new fashion among the French nobility and unleashing the imagination of the most beloved designers of the time.

But what are the essential aspects of a sartorial solid plain tie today? It is the raw material of the highest quality that makes these men's accessories so unique, pleasant to the touch and impeccable in style. The solid plain ties enrich each suit thanks to their linearity, finesse and refinement.

With its infinite ways to wrap it around the neck, the tie is today an emblem of refinement and style.

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