Luxury bow ties


The luxury bow tie is the alternative to the more classic tie, an accessory that lends elegance, but at the same time liveliness and originality to even the most formal outfit. According to etiquette, when wearing a smoking jacket or a tailcoat, the combination with the bow tie becomes essential.

Like the tie, the bow tie has its origins during the Thirty Years' War, where the French were particularly impressed by the knotted scarves of Croatian mercenary soldiers. The wide diffusion on French soil is also reflected in the term by which this accessory is designated, precisely papillon, or “butterfly”. The importance of the bow tie in France is also attested in the essay “The Treaty of Elegant Life” by the famous writer Honoré De Balzac, where he gives some advice on how to use and wear it. 

Known in Italy as the “farfallino” or “butterfly tie”, during the 20th century the bow tie took on various symbolic connotations especially among certain revolutionary groups such as the Futurists. 

The luxury bow ties of the Fumagalli 1891 collection are an important testimony to the class and style of Italian sartorial fashion. The pure silk from which they are made is tinged with many different colours and patterns, all part of the company's historical archive.

With Fumagalli's luxury bow ties you can complete your outfit with a touch of exuberance in a retro style, while maintaining a current and classy style.

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