Tie patterns: a journey through curiosities and pairings

Since ancient times, ties have played a significant role in culture and fashion. From English regimental stripes, telling tales of memberships and honours, to sophisticated
floral patterns evoking the delicacy of nature and art, pattern ties have always had much to say.

These accessories represent an expressive canvas of style and culture, where each
design becomes a visual tale of the wearer's personality. For ages, tie patterns have narrated stories, symbolized affiliations, and expressed individualities. Fumagalli 1891, with its rich tailoring history, offers a wide range of patterns from the most classic to the most refined, allowing every man to express his distinctive style.

Today, in an era where fashion is as much a form of personal expression as a reflection of contemporary trends, the patterned tie stands out as a versatile accessory, adaptable to various styles and occasions. Whether for a business meeting, a formal event, or a casual outing, the tie patterns offered by Fumagalli 1891 enable every man to express his individuality with class and sophistication.


Pages soaked in history

Witnesses to a tailoring legacy that has evolved over the years, maintaining a connection with its origins and values. The exclusive designs and unique patterns of Fumagalli 1891's collections are steeped in history and tradition. At the heart of this heritage is the imposing historical archive of the family, a real hidden treasure encompassing over a century of design and creativity.

The archives are more than a simple collection of designs: they represent a journey through time, a visual narration starting from the 1930s and spanning decades of style, fashion, and cultural changes. This heritage is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creating accessories that combine vintage charm with modern elegance, making each piece unique and unrepeatable. The magic of Fumagalli 1891's tailoring products lies in this ability to revive past eras while keeping the original essence of the designs intact, yet reinterpreting them in a modern key. It's a bridge between past and present, a continuous dialogue between tradition and innovation.


British Regimental ties

Regimental ties, with their characteristic diagonal stripes running from the left shoulder down to the right waist, originate from the uniforms of British military regiments.

The term "Regimental" comes from the Latin "regimen", meaning a system or order, a clear reference to the rigid structures of military regiments. The tradition of Regimental Stripes is deeply rooted in British culture, with early examples dating back to the 1920s.

The influence of Regimental Stripes extended beyond the military, touching schools, colleges, and universities, where these ties took on a meaning of belonging and educational tradition. This link with academic and military institutions lends Regimental ties an aura of prestige and formality.

Today, Regimental ties are considered ideal for formal occasions like work environments, important presentations, or job interviews. Maintaining a connection with tradition, these ties combine classic elegance with a sense of historical belonging, making them a sophisticated choice for the modern gentleman. For stylish pairing, it is advised to opt for solid-colour shirts to avoid visual overlaps.



Plain ties

There's an element of simplicity that never goes out of fashion: the plain tie. With its uniform surface, this accessory represents the essence of understated elegance, purity, and simplicity.

Plain ties are suitable for any occasion. They can be worn with formal or casual suits, during business meetings, social events, or ceremonies. Their versatility is a great advantage, as a solid colour tie can easily be matched with various shirts and suits, always creating a harmonious look.




Floral ties

Floral ties, with their rich symbolism of life and rebirth, offer a breath of freshness and originality. They root in the art of still life and Victorian symbolism, where each flower had its meaning. They have had a significant history throughout the twentieth century, becoming a distinctive element in the evolution of male style. These vibrant designs, inspired by Art Nouveau and the Dolce Stil Novo, reflect the influence of nature as the absolute protagonist.

Wearing a floral tie is a choice that speaks of boldness and originality. It's not just an accessory, but a style statement that enhances even the most ordinary suits. Opting for a floral tie means choosing a day full of flair, verve, and distinctive personality. These ties pair beautifully with monochromatic shirts, particularly in pastel tones. They are ideal for semi-formal occasions or to add a touch of liveliness in business casual environments.




Medallion ties

Medallion ties embody a tradition of refinement that gets lost in the annals of history. The term "medallion" evokes images of prestige, historically associated with nobility, aristocracy, and eminent society members.

These accessories feature an elegant design, often depicting the medallion, a symbol of distinction and honour.

The medallion pattern, associated with European aristocracy, is perfect for those who want to stand out discreetly. These ties pair best with simple shirts, especially in neutral tones, and are suitable for corporate contexts or high-class events where one wants to make a subtle but impactful impression.




Paisley ties

The Paisley tie represents an artistic expression within the world of ties, combining elegance with a touch of exoticism. The Paisley pattern, also known as cashmere, has ancient and complex origins, dating back to ancient Persia. This design, characterized by elaborate droplets and curvilinear motifs, has travelled through cultures and continents, becoming a symbol of cosmopolitan refinement in male fashion.

Paisley ties are perfect for adding a touch of vibrancy and originality to a formal or business outfit, without compromising elegance. The ideal pairing for a Paisley tie is a solid-colour shirt, allowing the design to stand out and become the visual focal point of the look. For less formal occasions, a Paisley tie can be paired with subtly striped or micro-patterned shirts, creating a harmonious balance between boldness and sobriety.




Polka dot ties

Polka dot ties are a timeless classic, particularly appreciated for their ability to add a touch of liveliness to an outfit while maintaining an aesthetic balance.

These accessories are ideal for creating contrast with solid-colour, striped, or checkered shirts. The secret of their success lies in the proportion and spacing of the dots: when widely spaced, the dots create a distinctive visual contrast, both in terms of pattern and size. This effect is particularly effective and attractive, making the polka dot tie a suitable accessory for multiple occasions.

Although a polka dot tie may not be the most formal choice for important business presentations, it finds its ideal place in daily work contexts, weddings, or less formal events, creating original and elegant looks. The dots can vary in size and colour, offering a wide range of possibilities to customize one's style.


Animal and conversational ties

Animal and conversational ties are an invitation to express personal memories and stories through one's style. Each design evokes a different memory, making every tie not just a fashion accessory, but a true bearer of stories.

Beyond aesthetic value, these ties are also extremely versatile. They can be worn in both professional and personal contexts, adding an element of visual interest to the look. To avoid overdoing it, wear them with simple shirts.



The pattern on a tie is much more than just an aesthetic detail: it's a choice that communicates who you are and how you want to be perceived. Fumagalli 1891, with its rich and varied collections, offers a universe of possibilities to express one's individuality and style. Whether you choose a regimental tie for a classic look or a bolder pattern to express your unique side, remember that the perfect pairing between tie and shirt is the one that best reflects your personality and style.


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