Silk & wool Shawls & Stoles


Silk has always been a precious fabric, destined for the aristocracy and nobility.

The first person to fall in love with this graceful and luminous fabric was a Chinese empress, who ordered clothes and accessories to be made of silk, giving rise to a tradition of fashion, beauty and luxury that still fascinates and conquers today.

As soon as its qualities were understood, silk became one of the most valuable commodities in the ancient world. Trade between Asia and the West was largely based on the exchange of this prized fabric, so much so that people spoke of the Silk Road.

Precious, lightweight and luxurious, it has thus come down to us.

Fumagalli 1891 has chosen to pay homage to this noble fabric with a collection of silk stoles with an original and literally unique design. In fact, many of the subjects come from the company's historical archive and tell stories of other times and faraway places, in a mix of styles that makes each creation unmistakable.

A silk stole is an inseparable companion for any stylish woman. It can be worn on formal or casual occasions, wrapped around the neck, but also around the waist as a belt or let fall softly over the shoulders just like a shawl. A timeless, versatile and classy accessory that cannot be missing from either the summer or winter wardrobe.

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