Grenadine Ties


When one speaks of grenadine ties, we talk about Como tradition, luxury, elegance and timeless style. It is no coincidence that they are James Bond's favourite.

Grenadine is a very special fabric which, in terms of consistency and thickness, is just like gauze. Its origins can be traced back to the time of the Industrial Revolution, when the first loom was invented to weave this particular fabric. It was during one of his trips to England that Germano Fumagalli discovered this marvellous and decided to bring it with him to Italy. Since then, the family business has never abandoned the processing of the Grenadine fabric, also known as English gauze.

What makes it unique is the fact that the threads are woven in three dimensions instead of two, as is commonly the case. And it is precisely this detail that gives lightness and luminosity to each garment in grenadine.

It is precisely from the Como tradition that the grenadine ties of Fumagalli 1891 are born. Masterpieces of lightness that offer a formal look whenever you wish to bring a classic touch to your outfit.

The company makes gauze ties just as they used to be made. The artisans have handed down the tradition from generation to generation, giving us today stylish accessories completely handmade from the most precious silk.

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