Wool shawls & stoles


There is nothing more pleasant in cold weather than wrapping yourself in a soft, fluffy wool stole.

The stole is an ancient garment that was traditionally worn with a belt around the waist. Women used to wear woollen stoles as a winter garment for going out, often covered with a large hooded cloak.

Since then, the stole has gone through various eras and uses, becoming over time a very versatile accessory. Today, women wear woollen stoles or shawls on their shoulders, wrapped around the neck or to protect the head, as a sort of soft hood.

Choosing one's stole allows each woman to express her personality. Not only the colour and pattern but also the size and the way of wearing it: everything can be inspired by your own style and transformed into an accessory that enhances your outfit, communicates your personality and tells a story in an authentic and original way.

Fumagalli 1891 has created a collection of high quality wool stoles and shawls, characterised by a unique softness. The prints you can choose from are the most varied, but all are carefully handmade. From the historical archive of Fumagalli 1891 come some of the most original patterns, surprising for the accuracy of the details and the particularity of the subjects.

A wool stole can be worn on any occasion, outdoors or indoors, to keep warm with a unique style. Wool stoles are ideal for wearing on the most important events, but also in everyday life: you can wrap yourself in a soft caress and protect yourself from the cold with extreme elegance.

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