Evening parures


The Fumagalli 1891 evening parures are a set of accessories to add a touch of class and elegance to your suit on the most important occasions.

Parures consisting of ties, pochettes and braces, all made of fine silk and sewn entirely by hand in the Como textile district, according to the great Italian sartorial tradition. They are coordinated accessories that give your outfit even more refinement, elegance and personality.

The Fumagalli 1891 evening parures are available in the classic blue and white colour combination, two shades that are particularly suitable for the most solemn ceremonies, allowing them to be worn with different outfits thanks to their versatility and ease of matching. For those who prefer a more eccentric style, Fumagalli has selected parures with elegant micro-patterns from the company's historical archives that hold designs that tell a story of tradition and passion for the art of tailoring and good taste.

The evening parures is the detail that will allow you to express your personality with elegance and style in any kind of formal situation, be it a special event, a gala evening or a ceremony.

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