the fumagalli 1891 gift card

The Fumagalli 1891 gift card is a luxurious way to give a special present to a loved one. Let them discover the authenticity and creativity of Fumagalli 1891 :accessories made by Fumagalli 1891 are the right way to break away from the norm. Much more than a simple detail, they are precious ornaments to differentiate with style. Fumagalli 1891 Gift Cards give the recipient the opportunity to choose the accessories that best represent them from all our collections, it is the perfect luxurious gift to allow your loved ones to best express their personality and taste.

Fumagalli 1891 Gift Card can be used online for any products of our collections. Is valid for twoyears and can be used for even more than one occasion, until credit is exhausted. Is not rechargeable and is valid for two years from the moment of activation.
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