Printed ties


Printed ties are one of the most exclusive categories of the entire Fumagalli 1891 collection.

They are those that more than any other type represent the work of the Como craftsmen who have been working in the company for generations. It was in fact Como that succeeded in the early 20th century in establishing itself as the most important centre of silk-printed fabrics in the world. Since then, numerous companies have sprung up in the area around Como, dedicated to printing, weaving, spinning and all other activities related to silk processing.

The history of Fumagalli 1891 is intertwined with that of the area in which it is located. For over a century, the company has been dedicated to printing on silk, carrying on the Como tradition and giving it ever greater value. Printed ties are therefore one of the flagships of Fumagalli 1891.

Thanks to the immense artistic heritage preserved in the company's historical archive, today the collection of printed ties is rich in models. The most varied patterns: floral, geometric, paisley, medallion, there is no man who cannot express his style with one of these precious ties.

Only 100% pure silk is used to make them, hand-knitted in full respect of the Como tradition.