Medallion ties



Medallion ties are the symbol of refinement and good taste.

"Medallion", which literally means medallion in English, is synonymous with high status. It is no coincidence that we are used to see this type of tie worn by nobles and aristocrats, members of high society and people invested with an important role in politics, education, chivalry.

Anyone who wears a medallion tie knows its value and position, and is proud of it. That is why he wears a stylish accessory that represents, precisely, the design of a medal. Just think that in the United States, the Medal of Honour is the highest military decoration awarded to soldiers, to understand what a powerful symbol this design is.

Using its historical archives, which contain more than 130 years of designs and prints, Fumagalli 1891 has created a line of medallion ties with different facets. The materials, although different, are always of high quality: from pure silk to the combination of silk with linen or wool, any model is made entirely by hand. In this way, technique and flair give rise to haute couture sartorial pieces, designed to embellish any outfit with a touch of uniqueness. The medallion design is more or less large, with ever-changing weaves to create something unique.

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