Cashmere shawls & stoles



Soft like no other fabric, cashmere has been appreciated for its fine qualities for many centuries.

In fact, this fabric was used by ancient shepherds in Central Asia to make stoles, dresses and scarves. In some parts of Mongolia, temperatures could get incredibly cold in winter, and cashmere was the perfect fabric to keep warm even when the cold became more hostile.

Cashmere stoles and shawls have therefore always been a popular garment in the colder parts of Asia. Just as they kept shepherds warm in past centuries, today cashmere stoles can wrap languidly during the cold months and at the same time make any look sophisticated and chic.

Fumagalli 1891 has selected this precious fabric for its extreme softness, soft on contact with the skin and incredibly light. Cashmere is able to thermally insulate the fibres, giving the wearer a very pleasant sensation of warmth, which is always constant. For this reason, the stoles in this collection, in order to not compromise the amazing properties of the fabric and to maintain its value, are made from the finest cashmere.

The designs of the prints are sophisticated and original, from the family's historical archive, a heritage of great value that is enhanced by the softness of pure cashmere.

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