Men's scarf knots: how to wear it with class and elegance

A signature accessory in a true gentleman's wardrobe, the scarf has over more than 2000 years of history behind it. It is perhaps one of the oldest in the world of accessories: ever since man learnt to weave cloth, he has been wrapping his head and neck in these worked fabrics that bring to mind the modern scarf.


The scarf, emblem of style and elegance in the men's outfit

Once worn to shelter and protect oneself from both cold and heat, it then became an element to distinguish oneself from the masses and to flaunt one's wealth, until it became a refined and classy accessory not only for women's fashion, but especially in the male universe. So much appreciated for its possibility of combinations that, very often, gentlemen who desire a more sophisticated and authentic style use it instead of a tie, creating looks that are still elegant and classy, but personal and never predictable. The scarf is an accessory that can enhance an outfit, a careful choice of style that expresses hidden details of the man who wears it.

The handmade scarves of the men's collection made by Fumagalli 1891 encapsulate all this in their essence. Precious fabrics carefully chosen from wool, silk and cashmere, skilfully worked by hand to take care of every detail. The designs and patterns that colour the scarves come from a historic family archive that testifies to the fusion of tradition and innovation that characterises these scarves. True unique pieces, emblems of Italian sartorial style. A uniqueness that allows you to express yourself through the vaporous lines of this timeless accessory.

A few knots to wear the scarf with class

The scarf is a fashion accessory of good taste, suitable for both formal occasions and more casual and sporty contexts. Here are a few ideas and inspiration for wearing it in a variety of ways, from the most classic to the most unusual and original, to create a balanced and elegant ensemble of shapes and colours that will blend in with your look, enhancing it and making the most of you. 

Simple round

Not a real knot, the simple round involves wrapping the scarf around the neck, letting both ends fall to the front. You can decide whether to make a single round or, if the scarf allows it, wrap it even twice to be more protected and warm. The ends can be left outside the coat for a more casual result, or placed inside for a more classic and elegant effect.


Parisian or French knot

A classic and simple knot to tie, but which allows you to obtain a truly refined and sophisticated effect. All you need to do is fold the scarf in half lengthwise, wrap it around your neck and pass the two ends through the loop that is created, adjusting the length as you wish. The tighter the knot, the more classic and elegant the effect. Also in the case of the Parisian knot, the scarf flaps can be worn either under the coat or outside, depending on your style and the occasion.

Ascot knot

This type of knot takes its inspiration from the typical and widespread ascot knot used for ties. It is a very elegant way of wearing a scarf, particularly suitable for pairing with suits and tailored suits. To tie the ascot knot, pass the scarf behind the nape of the neck and position the two ends at the front. One should reach the chest and the other at waist height. Now knot the two ends, taking care to pass the long one over the shorter one. The effect you will obtain will be a refined look in full English style. However, there is nothing to stop you from experimenting with this type of knot in more casual outfits.


Bust warmer knot

An original and ideal way of wearing a scarf to keep warm. The bust warmer knot, or stomach warmer, lends itself to scarves that have a certain length. It is perfect for wearing under coats, but also under a jacket. Once you have placed the scarf around your neck, cross it over your chest and pass the ends over your back, knotting them. In this way you will achieve an elegant and refined effect that will give your look a decidedly neat and classy look.


Choose the knot that best represents you and have fun experimenting with new combinations to manifest your style and uniqueness. Enhance your personality by playing with the patterns and fabrics of the scarves in the Fumagalli 1891 men's collection.


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