Silk Scarves & Carré


The name Foulard originated in France, but it is not from there that this elegant, versatile and timeless garment was born. This fashion accessory has in fact spanned several centuries before reaching us, in all its many facets and colours. The first evidence of these silk handkerchiefs dates back as far as 1000 B.C., when they could already be seen around the necks of nobles and aristocrats in some finds from oriental civilisations.

However, it was the French who chose this name that we all associate today with a very classy accessory. Foular, in Provencal, means fulling. This term is used in the textile industry to indicate the process by which, through compression, fabrics are made stronger and more compact.

From the ancient Orient to the present day, the foulard has always remained a stylish accessory to embellish the neck, hair or clothing.

In light silk, soft cashmere or warm wool, the handmade foulards made by Fumagalli 1891 have an unmistakable style that comes directly from the family's historical archives.

Every single piece is in fact made by hand, in an artisanal way. This is the only possible way to give each luxury foulard a character of uniqueness that makes it truly precious. From colourful drawings of world cities to depictions of animals, society scenes or naturalistic themes, every Fumagalli 1891 scarf is a true hymn to elegance.

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