Paisley ties



Vaguely exotic and retro, sophisticated, flashy and decidedly original.

We are of course talking about paisley ties which, with their unmistakable design, accompany the man who appreciates the eccentric side of fashion and knows how to dose it so as never to be excessive.

The paisley is considered one of the oldest designs of all. Its origin can be traced back to ancient Persia. It was in these exotic lands that artefacts were found showing that the characteristic stylised leaf, which we now know as paisley, was a very common decoration on Persian buildings in 200 AD.

Since then paisley has travelled extensively, from India to France, where Napoleon Bonaparte's queen consort elected it as the favourite pattern in her fashion collection. It was the aesthete and poet D'Annunzio, who brought paisley into the male wardrobe, from which it has never left.

In fact, it is a peculiar and fancy pattern, an interweaving shapes and colours that conquers the eye and becomes the protagonist of any outfit.

Fumagalli 1891 has retrieved unique patterns from its historical archive and, with the use of the finest raw materials and authentic sartorial care, has created a varied collection of paisley ties. Each pattern is unmistakable, designed to be noticed and appreciated at first glance.

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