Elegant and luxury ties for weddings and events


The tie is an accessory with a long history that has seen many changes over the centuries, distinguishing itself not only for being a simple complement to clothing, but also for the strong symbolic value attributed to it. Nowadays, it is an indispensable element to complete one's outfit impeccably, especially during important events.

Fumagalli 1891 elegant and luxury ties are accessories that accompany with extreme elegance outfits reserved for important and formal occasions such as ceremonies or gala evenings. They are entirely handmade with traditional tailoring techniques, using only the finest silk.

Ceremony ties are available in classic colours and patterns to match the most diverse suit styles. However, you can also choose more eccentric prints to add a whimsical note to your look without sacrificing good taste. The patterns on the evening ties come from the historical archive of Fumagalli 1891, a great example of Italian design and sartorial style.

Evening ties are the detail that makes the difference and allow you to enrich and enhance any elegant suit. They are the ideal ties for the man in search of an extremely refined and valuable accessory, but at the same time allow him to express his style and personality with great class.