Silk & cotton neckerchiefs



The combination of the purest and finest silk and soft cotton gives neckerchiefs that warm and enveloping, giving a special touch to any style of clothing. The combination of these two fine fabrics creates a very special powder effect on each foulard that gives it a sophisticated, slightly retro touch.

Precisely for this reason, Fumagalli 1891's collection of silk and cotton neckerchiefs is suitable for men and women who love to wear timeless garments, stylish accessories that have made fashion history. Just as the icons of the 1950s sported their colourful foulards in their hair or knotted around their necks, you can bring the same charm to your everyday wear.

The patterns you can choose from are countless. Some of them come directly from the company's historical archive and are characterised by uniqueness and originality. Over 130 years of fashion are contained in the archive and Fumagalli 1891 has chosen to give new life to the past, bringing back to shine some of the most characteristic designs of its brand.

From so much research and so much attention to detail come silk and cotton foulards that have a history and a path made of craftsmanship, creativity and tailoring technique.

Choose your silk and cotton foulard and wear it at every moment of your day.

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