Double sided scarves



Fumagalli 1891 double-face scarves are the ideal accessory to face the first cold weather in great style.

These scarves are made of pure silk of the finest quality, hand-sewn using traditional craftsmanship techniques. The entire production process takes place in the historic factory in Como, which for centuries has embodied an example of true Made in Italy.

The two sides of the scarf are different, but at the same time perfectly in harmony with each other: on one side the scarf is animated by a more whimsical pattern, on the other a more classic design to suit every situation. The double-face scarves are in fact available in different patterns and fantasies, to satisfy every taste and need: designs inspired by the most famous cities, revisited in soft or bright colours, paisley motifs, geometric and floral decorations, animal designs and the whimsical patterns dedicated to the origins of the sport. A vast choice to express your personality with great style.

The combination possibilities with a double-face scarf are even more numerous: with a single scarf you can create many different styles to show off, allowing you to enhance and enrich every outfit.