Wool scarves 60 x 60


Soft, warm and enveloping, wool neckerchiefs are an accessory that completes any outfit with a touch of class.

For its collection, Fumagalli 1891 has chosen to use only and exclusively Italian wool, which is handcrafted to preserve its purity and value.

A cult accessory from the 1930s and on, the neckerchief in its wool version is perfect for the autumn-winter season. The great actresses of the 1950s and 1960s wore it on every occasion, and so can the woman of today. It brings a touch of refined and authentic style to the look of men who love unique and sophisticated details. Wool neckerchiefs are the ideal accessory to adorn the neck with class and at the same time keep it warm, as if wrapped in a soft embrace.

Fumagalli 1891's wool neckerchiefs and foulards are each characterised by a different, easily recognisable pattern to suit any style. From floral decorations to paisley to a dandelion theme, there is a model for every occasion and every preference.

Choose your pattern and show it off when you want to bring a touch of class to your outfit.

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