Luxury shawls & stoles 135 x 180


The luxury stoles of the Fumagalli 1891 women's collection are accessories handmade in the Como factory, using only the finest wool, cashmere and silk: a great example of tailoring in full Italian style.

Fumagalli 1891 stoles are available in different patterns and designs to suit every woman's taste. The collection includes stoles inspired by world cities, ideal for those with a traveller's soul, stoles with floral-inspired designs and stoles for animal lovers. The designs of the entire series are from the historical company archive, giving these stoles an authentic value. 

The stole, in wool, cashmere or silk, is the accessory to always have at hand: thanks to its extreme versatility it can be worn on many different occasions, becoming a distinctive feature of your style.

By choosing a luxury stole, you will be sure to wear a garment that will allow you to express your personality every day, embellishing even the most usual and ordinary clothing. During the most important events, this accessory will protect you from the cool evenings, making you stand out with great class and elegance.

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