Accessories for Evening & Ceremonial Dresses

A ceremony, a special event, a gala evening, a theater premiere: the occasion where a man truly feels elegance. The range of selected Fumagalli 1891 products accompanies us on this journey. Every accessory, every detail becomes a point of reference and tells the style of the wearer.



Not sure what to wear for a gala evening or a ceremony? Not sure which accessories to match a tie? We have selected evening accessories matching them in the best possible way to facilitate your choice.

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The combination with a pocket square certainly gives something unique to the elegant dress. Discover the Fumagalli 1891 ceremony pocket square selection.

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The perfect detail for any ceremony? Choose the elegant ceremonial ties by Fumagalli 1891. All-Italian quality and exclusive designs. Discover them now.

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The tie is a style icon, its origins are distant, but it always remains a modern accessory suitable for any occasion and even more so for a ceremony.
Discover the selection of Fumagalli 1891 ceremonial ties

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pocket square

If the occasion requires it, the combination with a pocket square certainly gives something unique to the elegant dress. Sobriety is always recommended, but a little pop of color can be essential.

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Braces are the ideal accessory to bring out tailored suits, perfect for ceremonies, gala evenings, formal receptions, they go perfectly with the most rigorous suits such as tailcoat, tuxedo and tight suit. A vintage-looking accessory that will make the difference in your look.

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Also known as smoking belt it was born as an accessory for the British army stationed in India, it has become over time, and with the arrival of the tuxedo, an essential accessory to wear during galas and formal events.

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self tie bow tie

It' s an indispensable accessory when wearing a tuxedo or tailcoat, it should be the obligatory choice for an evening of a formal event, as well as the only possible choice to combine with the tuxedo. Established as a male accessory in the mid-1800s, the bow tie has stood the test of time unscathed.

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Perfect with any type of shirt, to be worn with a tight or tailcoat, combined with a tie or a bow tie, the vest can really be worn in any circumstance.

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