How to match shirt and tie: tips for a harmonious look

The pairing of a tie with a shirt is truly a refined art, a dance of style and elegance
rooted in the history of men's fashion. This combination, more than any other, embodies a blend that symbolizes a code of sophistication and distinctiveness, a balance between tradition and innovation, representing a fundamental pillar of sartorial elegance.

In the realm of men's clothing, the tie and shirt are two accessories where creativity
and personal expression can take shape.

In this Fumagalli 1891 article, we will guide you through the fascinating world of these two icons of men's fashion, providing practical advice and historical insights to helpyou create combinations that reflect your personality while maintaining a high standard of sophistication and style.


Two accessories that have accompanied men for centuries

Tracing back to its origins, the tie evolved from a simple piece of fabric to a symbol of status and professionalism. Since the 17th century, when Croatian mercenaries wore neckcloths, inspiring the French court and giving life to the term "cravat," this accessory has undergone continuous metamorphosis. Similarly, the shirt, once hidden under clothes as an undergarment, has emerged over the centuries as an expressive and fundamental item in every man's wardrobe.

Throughout history, the combination of tie and shirt has taken on various meanings: a symbol of belonging, an indicator of social status, a means to express individuality and personal taste. In every era, this combination has not only reflected fashion trends but also cultural and social changes.

Today, with the variety of styles, fabrics, and designs offered by Fumagalli 1891's prestigious collection of ties, pairing this accessory with a shirt continues to be an expression of personal style and a demonstration of attention to detail. Whether it's a business meeting, a formal event, or a casual evening, choosing the right combination is essential to convey an image of confidence and elegance.


Tie and shirt in the style of a gentleman

In men's fashion, the tie and shirt represent more than just a combination. The shirt, with its variety of collars and fabrics, offers the canvas on which the tie expresses itself. The tie, in turn, with its multiple textures, colors, and designs, becomes the ultimate expression of the personality and taste of the wearer. Together, they create a style dialogue that can range from sober and elegant to bold and innovative.

The combination of a tie primarily depends on the type of occasion: it is the pattern of the shirt that sets the guidelines that the tie must follow in terms of color and design. It is essential to remember that men's clothing should be a harmonious set of elements that enhance the natural qualities of the wearer.

To create an outfit that can elevate personal style, it is crucial to consider every detail carefully. The confidence and comfort one feels wearing well-matched clothes are not only an aesthetic pleasure but also a source of security and personal well-being.


Matching tie and shirt: some basic rules

The combination of tie and shirt follows some basic rules that adapt to both formal and more casual environments.

In formal contexts, classic combinations are preferred: a solid color tie with a striped shirt, or vice versa.

In more informal contexts, you can dare more, playing with brighter colors and patterns. The golden rule is balance: a strong element, like a brightly patterned tie, should be balanced by a more neutral element, like a solid color shirt.




The world of tailored ties and how to choose them

Matching ties based on color

Solid color ties are versatile and represent a safe choice. Starting with sober shades, a blue tie is ideal when paired with a classic white or blue shirt, ensuring a sophisticated look. For ties in brighter colors such as burgundy or orange, it is preferable to opt for shirts in neutral tones to avoid excessive contrasts and maintain visual harmony. The red tie, in particular, pairs beautifully with both a white and blue shirt, creating a distinctive but balanced effect. For silver ties, which evoke a sense of formality, pairing with a white shirt is the most appropriate choice, emphasizing a formal and impactful look.

Matching ties based on pattern

Patterned ties offer a unique opportunity to express personality and personal taste. However, matching these ties requires attention to create a harmonious and sophisticated look: the main goal is to find a visual balance that enhances both the tie and the shirt.

These types of ties typically require pairing with solid color shirts to avoid overly intense pattern overlays. In the case of striped shirts, it is crucial that they are thin and delicate so as not to conflict with the pattern of the tie. An effective tip is to choose a dominant color in the shirt and match it with one of the shades in the tie, creating a well-balanced and visually pleasing look.

Regimental ties, for example, are best worn with solid color shirts or those with a slight stripe pattern, as long as they do not follow the same orientation as the tie. Paisley ties, on the other hand, unleash all their particularity with shirts that feature shades close to the dominant color of the accessory. Ties with micro patterns like small polka dots can be paired with both solid color shirts and striped or checkered ones, also in this case trying to recall the shade of the shirt with the accessory's pattern.

Matching ties based on fabric

The choice of a tie's fabric can significantly influence the overall appearance of an outfit, giving character and defining the ensemble's style. Properly matching the fabric of the tie with the type of shirt is a fundamental aspect to ensure a coherent and refined look.

Silk ties, refined and versatile, pair beautifully with cotton shirts, either solid color or with a slight casual motif, creating an ideal ensemble for a formal business context. For the colder seasons, wool ties become protagonists, perfectly matching with cotton or soft wool shirts, for an elegant but comfortable winter look. For a less formal occasion or a relaxed weekend outfit, knitted ties, with their more informal and sporty touch, are ideal, best paired with casual cotton shirts.



The art of matching a tie with a shirt is an essential component of the male wardrobe. With the right touches, this combination can transform an ordinary outfit into a personal and sophisticated style statement. Fumagalli 1891, with its wide range of tailored ties, offers the opportunity to explore this world of elegance, allowing every man to express his personality through the perfect match.


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