Luxury italian pocket squares


Pocket squares are a precious detail that can make the difference in your style, a refined accent that will add character and good taste to your outfit.

The pocket square, from a practical origin linked to personal hygiene, has evolved since the 18th century to have a purely decorative purpose, but of fundamental importance for those who want an impeccable and elegant look.

In the Fumagalli 1891 collection you will find a great variety of patterns and colours, each one suitable for different situations; for work, for social occasions, but also for more solemn settings. All designs come from the historic family archive, an example of Italian excellence and tradition. Fumagalli 1891 pocket squares meet the taste of every man: from the admirer of the classic style with plain colours and more traditional decorations, to the man who wants to distinguish himself through the most whimsical patterns, but each one of great taste and elegance.

Pocket squares are made of different fine materials such as cotton, silk or wool, suitable for combining with clothes of various fabrics, perfect for every season. They are the accessory that will allow you to stand out with sobriety and good taste, an element that will embellish your outfit in every situation.