Silk & wool scarves



Fumagalli 1891 silk and wool scarves are made using artisan tailoring techniques, selecting only the finest materials. Thanks to a special hydroproteic treatment of the wool, the softness of these scarves is enhanced, making them soft and delicate.

Silk and wool scarves are dyed in different colours and enlivened by historical patterns, to meet every man's taste: from the most classic motifs, such as paisley and small geometric designs, through floral decorations, to collections dedicated to the philosophies of cultural journeys, from cities to sports, from nature to fairy tales and novels.

Silk and wool are materials that have always been appreciated for their ability to insulate body temperature and for the softness of their fibres. All this makes them extremely valuable materials, used to make the most sought-after and precious clothes and accessories still used today in the world of ready-to-wear.

The great versatility of these scarves makes it possible to wear them both on a daily basis to enrich even the most ordinary outfit, and at the most important events, allowing one to express one's personality with elegance.

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