Men's accessories: authentic originality for classy style

The difference between an ordinary outfit and one full of personality and elegance can always be seen in the details. This is why choosing the right accessories is extremely important for those who want to dress with a refined and impeccable style, but with a strong identity.

Discover the world of men's accessories and learn how best to combine them to create your own unmistakable style.



The tie, the must-have par excellence of the male wardrobe

The tie is undoubtedly the most popular male accessory: available in a wide variety of shapes and styles, indispensable on the most important occasions, it is also used in everyday life to lend a touch of elegance to informal outfits or in combination with work clothes.

The birth of the tie can be traced back to the Thirty Years' War, from the custom of Croatian soldiers (hence the word "tie") of tying a handkerchief around their necks, which aroused great curiosity on the part of the French. However, it was only with the arrival of the 20th century that the tie acquired its current form.

A well-made tie can never be missing in every man's wardrobe, even in those with a casual style: this accessory enhances the most customary outfits and allows one to emphasise the elegance of an important suit at special events.

For anyone who wants to make the tie the central element of his look, in the Fumagalli 1891 collection you can find models with all kinds of patterns and made from fine fabrics, to amaze every day by creating ever-changing combinations.

The bow tie, the most elegant of accessories

The history of the bow tie goes hand in hand with that of the tie, having in common its origins. The bow tie therefore represents an original and at the same time elegant alternative with a vintage and somewhat retro flavour.

This accessory is ideal for the man who wants to adopt a look with an allure of yesteryear but still very up-to-date and who likes to distinguish himself with refined details.

The use of the bow tie is especially appreciated on special occasions: many grooms prefer it to the tie and it is recommended, as per etiquette, to use it in combination with the dinner jacket or tailcoat, the most elegant men's suits.

A must-have detail for the perfect gentleman? The pocket square

A perfect gentleman cannot forget to complete his outfit with a pocket square made of precious materials. A small but great detail that can make a strong impression on the entire outfit.

The origins of the pochette date back to around the 18th century in France, at the court of King Louis XVI, who every morning chose from a vast quantity of precious handkerchiefs the one that best matched his suit and the mood of the moment.

The pochette is a handkerchief usually made of silk that fits in the breast pocket of a jacket: there are several ways to fold it, each one adapting to a different style and outfit.

Indispensable to complete the look on important occasions, the pochette is able to give that extra touch in all other situations, for a refined style in every context.

Braces, for an unmistakable vintage touch

Braces are an accessory that has long been sidelined in favour of the belt. In its original function of holding up trousers, they were brought back into fashion during the 20th century when film and music celebrities began to use them in their outfits. To this day, they are still the undisputed protagonists of glamour and style.

Braces are perfect for those looking for a refined but highly personalised look, with vintage and out-of-the-ordinary details, a little eccentric, almost extravagant, but without sacrificing class and good taste.

The braces in the Fumagalli 1891 collection are available in both classic colours and bold patterns, all made of fine silk and genuine leather, to allow you to find the one that best suits your personality and style.

The fine scarf for a distinguished casual yet elegant outfit

The men's scarf is a functional accessory that not only protects against the cold, but also gives an important contribution of elegance to the whole outfit.

The scarves in the Fumagalli 1891 collection, made of precious materials such as cashmere, wool or silk, are the most versatile accessory in a man's wardrobe: ideal in everyday life to enrich an ordinary outfit, they give panache and at the same time refinement at the most important events, and are indispensable for personalising one's style on social occasions.


Accessories such as these are the basis for those who wish to delve into this fascinating world, an indispensable journey to enrich and build their own, extremely personal, elegant and impeccable style.


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