Luxury wool scarves



An ancient fabric with deep roots in the past, but still modern, linked to the world of handicrafts. Wool has a history dating back to the origins of civilisation: the Babylonians were the first to shear goats for textile fibres. Historical traces, such as sculptures from the Sumerian civilisation dating back to 5000 before Christ, confirm its use. Clothing worn at that time was made from sheepskins, which were used without being treated. Through the centuries, wool established itself as a trade commodity throughout Europe, becoming a textile material for large-scale industrial production in the 13th century.

Wool is a natural fiber, appreciated and used throughout the fashion world. Known for its softness, elasticity and warmth, it enables the creation of fine handcrafted garments and accessories that are destined to last.

Fumagalli 1891 has been creating handcrafted luxury wool scarves with hand-stitched seams for over 130 years. The use of certain high-quality yarns and a special fabric processing involving the use of enzymes and steam make it possible to obtain accessories that are never scratchy and are characterised by elasticity and softness.

The company's archives hold a wealth of historical images from which we take inspiration to create numerous pattern variations. The patterns and colours that animate Fumagalli 1891's luxury wool scarves are the result of a desire to fuse the ancient art of Italian tailoring with a new, more modern style to offer a product that communicates historicity and refinement.

Let yourself be wrapped in the softness of Fumagalli 1891 wool scarves.