Tie for a wedding: how to choose the right one

The wedding day is one of the most beautiful and important days in a
man's life. A crucial decision on this unique occasion, after choosing the
suit, is selecting the right accessories. The details can make a
difference in the look of the big day, adding a touch of style and
elegantly showcasing the wearer's personal flair.

The tie, for its timeless ability to bestow elegance and
refinement to any type of outfit, is the preferred accessory for weddings. If
chosen with care and matched appropriately, it becomes a small jewel of fabric
to gracefully enhance the groom's neck, a distinctive element that will not go


The correct dimensions for tailored elegance

The shape and size are crucial elements to consider when choosing the wedding tie. These characteristics should primarily be evaluated based on the groom's physique. A slim tie, long and narrow, is preferable for men with a slim and slender body, while for grooms with a medium build, a wide and thick tie like an Ascot would be ideal. For timeless elegance and a vintage touch, a bow tie that harmonizes with the colors and style of the suit can also be a suitable accessory for the wedding day.


Enhance the tie with the right knot

Depending on the chosen tie style, you can experiment with various ways to tie the ceremonial tie. However, some knots are particularly suitable for important occasions like weddings compared to others.

Let's start with the most classic and appreciated one, capable of always adding the right touch of class to the outfit: the Windsor knot is perfect for ceremonies or weddings. Single or double, this knot adapts perfectly to French or wide-open collared shirts. Depending on the desired effect, you can opt for a tie in pure silk that exudes precious elegance, or a refined wool and silk model to add volume.

Of easy execution but equally sophisticated, the Onassis knot is ideal for wider ties, where the wide part of the tie is left free as if it were a scarf wrapping around the groom's neck. The Onassis knot pairs perfectly with those who have chosen to wear a waistcoat or a vest with their suit.

For any type of tie, except very thick ones, you can opt for the Victoria knot, which adds a touch of refinement and charisma to the wearer.

Particularly suitable for open-collar shirts is the Pratt knot. This type of knot is more restrained compared to the Windsor and has the unusual characteristic of turning the tie's seams forward. To enhance the effect of the Pratt knot, it is advisable to choose solid-colored ties or those with light and delicate patterns, especially when combined with a pure silk garment.


Choosing the right colour for a perfectly harmonious outfit

Regarding the tie's color, you can choose a solution that contrasts sharply with the suit, opting for a dark tie to match a light outfit, and vice versa. However, modern fashion collections offer ample room for creativity, allowing the groom to be more daring, exploring pastel tones or patterns with more or less visible designs, always with elegance and sobriety in mind. Geometric patterns, floral motifs, or paisley designs can give the suit that distinctive and original touch sought after by a more outgoing groom.


The Right Fabric for a Comfortable Look All Year Round

When choosing the fabric, the season in which the event will take place is of great importance. If it's a spring or summer wedding, luxurious silk will always be the most appropriate choice. Historically, silk is the most widespread and appreciated material for such occasions, as it confers the right touch of refinement to every groom. Silk ties also possess the innate characteristic of versatility and can adapt to any type of look. However, if the wedding will be celebrated in a colder season, it is advisable to opt for ties in wool, silk-wool blends, or cashmere.


Whether solid-colored or featuring elaborate patterns, made of silk or wool, each tie is suitable for different occasions. The most important advice is to wear what makes you feel comfortable and reflects your personality.

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