Bandana around neck: the timelessness of a vintage soul accessory

The world of fashion is an ever-changing and evolving universe. Among its elements are some that withstand the test of time, becomingauthentic and timeless symbols of style. One of these is undoubtedly thebandana around the neck, a vintage-inspired accessory that has traversed eras and cultures, always remaining at the center of attention for its versatility, timeless charm, and the style it brings to every outfit.


The birth of an iconic accessory 

Historically, the bandana has deep roots that trace back centuries. Originally, the term "bandana" derived from the Hindi word "bandhana," meaning "to tie" or "to wrap." India is the birthplace of this small scarf: on this continent, the tradition of dyeing these pieces of fabric with natural pigments originated, destined to adorn the necks of men and women of every era and culture.

In the past, bandanas were primarily used for practical purposes. Around two thousand years ago, the Roman people used these handkerchiefs, called "focale," to protect their necks from the metal of their armor or as a tool for body cleaning. Conversely, the working class used it in their daily labor to shield their faces from dust and sun during long days working in the fields. From the 1800s, it began to be a decorative element in the attire of European upper-class men of the time.

It was only around the 1920s that the bandana officially entered the world of fashion as an accessory to enhance an outfit, make it more elegant or casual, add value to it, and bestow a personal touch.

Beyond its aesthetic value, the neck bandana also holds a series of interesting curiosities. Native Americans, for example, used it as a symbol and sign of power. Some sailors wore it as a sign of belonging to a specific ship or fleet. This tradition dates back to ancient times and served to identify crew members in the event of a shipwreck. Native Americans, on the other hand, used it...

Today, the use of the bandana has lost this practical connotation but retained its aura of mystery and adventure.


The bandana around the neck in fashion

Over the years, the bandana has gained status as a fashion accessory, becoming a distinctive element of various movements and subcultures. It was worn by Wild West adventurers and cowboys, rebellious motorcyclists, and rockabilly musicians. Today, the neck bandana has become an icon capable of personalizing more casual and informal looks, even adding a refined detail to more elegant attire, adopted by men of different ages and styles.

Thanks to the world of cinema and entertainment, the bandana is experiencing a sort of renaissance. It's not only become the signature accessory for Johnny Depp's eccentric looks but also a distinctive element of detective Benoit Blanc in the film "Glass Onion – Knives Out" portrayed by the renowned Daniel Craig, always impeccably matched to each outfit. 

Taking the runway and the big screens by storm, the neck bandana is increasingly worn and loved by new gentlemen seeking pleasant and functional alternatives to the classic tie.

A vintage-inspired accessory: Fumagalli 1891's style tips

What makes the neck bandana so captivating is its versatility. It can be worn in various ways, allowing for the creation of a unique and personal style.

You can fold it into a triangle and tie it around your neck for a classic and sophisticated look or fold it into a headband for a more casual touch. Some men prefer to wear it as a pocket square, adding a touch of color and originality to their outfit. One thing is certain: everyone can unleash their creativity and wear this softer alternative to the tie with great elegance, just as they prefer. For some style advice, you can read our article on knots for men's neckerchief.

The bandanas from the Fumagalli 1891 collection are crafted from fine silk and pure cotton, characterized by unique designs and patterns inspired by the company's historical archive. Each little neckerchief tells a story that often intertwines with the story of the person wearing it and is interpreted differently by each individual.

The neck bandana is a timeless accessory that continues to captivate fashion enthusiasts of every generation. Its vintage soul, historical roots, and versatility make it a perfect addition to any masculine look. Whether you're a fan of classic style, urban looks, or a heart of adventure, the neck bandana will accompany you with charm and originality on every occasion. Choose your favorite color, experiment with different ways to wear it, and discover the power of this small yet significant accessory.


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