Ascot ties



The ascot is presented as a tie with an enlarged shape and pointed cut ends. A refined accessory, a symbol of class and care in presentation, it was usually worn with a double knot and traditionally fastened with a brooch.

This accessory sees its origins during the 19th century, in the English town of the same name famous for horse racing. Precisely during the horse racing competition, the Royal Ascot Race held at Ascot, it was required for men to wear this type of tie in the presence of the king. Towards the end of the 19th century, its use spread among the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie not only during more formal events, but also on social occasions. An accessory that, with the charm of the colourful patterns that animated it, broke up the monotony of the suits of the gentlemen of the time.

The Fumagalli 1891 luxury ascots are made of the purest silk using artisanal techniques, ideal for wearing elegant suits on important occasions such as ceremonies or gala events. They are an extremely versatile accessory, suitable for those who wish to enrich their outfit in an alternative way to the more classic tie, expressing character and personality with extreme elegance and refinement.

Thanks to the wide choice of colours and patterns from the company's historical archive, every man can find the ascot that best matches his taste and suit, with the certainty of wearing a product that symbolises historicity, tradition and culture.

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