Luxury Scarves


It has accompanied man for over 2500 years: the scarf is a garment that has gone through various eras and taken on different uses over time.

In Ancient Rome it was known by the term “sudarium”: it had a cleaning function and was tied around the neck or waist to dry the sweat. It was also used in the Far East. The famous army of terracotta soldiers in China, guarding the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, carved a knotted scarf to identify military rank.

Since the 19th century, the scarf has evolved to become a fashion accessory used daily by men and women to protect themselves from the cold and to make their outfits unique.

From the historical archives, a valuable company heritage, inspiration is taken to revive great classics and create new models. Colorful floral prints or abstract patterns with geometric shapes: every look can be enhanced by wearing the scarf most suited to the occasion. The natural fibers that make up the scarves, together with a special hydro-soft finishing system, characterized using a vegetable enzyme, make Fumagalli 1891 scarves soft and light.

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