Cashmere scarves



Cashmere: a fabric that has been gently wrapping and enchanting for millennia. In its most contemporary guise, the cashmere scarf appeals to everyone, thanks to its natural temperature-regulating properties and a softness that wins you over from the first touch.

The ancient herding communities of Asia used this particular fiber to protect themselves from the glacial climate of Mongolia. Also known in Roman times, this fabric has always had a precious and distinctive character. The princes and emperors of the time loved to adorn themselves with large cashmere coats to consecrate their status in the eyes of the people. This precious fiber arrived in Italy around the 13th century, thanks to Marco Polo's exploratory voyages to the Far East. Nobles, clerics and people belonging to the wealthier classes of society sported cashmere clothing and accessories to emphasise their belonging to a certain social status.

From the 18th century, the precious fabric officially became part of the fashion world. Thanks to the East India Company, this natural yarn conquered England. Scarves, stoles and other accessories then spread to France and the rest of the European continent, right up to the present day.

Fumagalli 1891 luxury cashmere scarves are handmade using only Made in Italy raw materials, thus fulfilling the wishes of every customer. Embellished with a floral, vintage or classic motif, when elegantly tightened around the neck, the cashmere scarf is the accessory that completes the outfit and is most appreciated and envied.