The "stylish women's scarf" is an authentic and sophisticated accessory


A story with origins in the past

The history of the scarf has its roots in the past. The first peoples to start using an accessory similar to the one we know today were the Egyptians and Romans. In Egypt, the scarf was a symbol of power, proof of the social position to which one belonged. The headdress of the Pharaohs was in fact a twisted scarf, fastened at the back with a knot and falling long over the shoulders. For the Romans, on the other hand, the “Sudarium” was a kind of scarf that was used tied around the waist or around the neck to wipe away sweat. Historical finds dating back to the 3rd century BC testify to its use in the Far East as well. The terracotta statuettes of the Qin Shi Huang dynasty army of soldiers have one carved around their necks.
High social classes of the past enjoyed wearing a scarf as an indispensable accessory to be shown off on formal occasions. The quality of the fabric from which it was made was an element to appear, to show one's membership of a certain wealthy social class. Noblewomen and bourgeois men wore eccentric, richly decorated scarves to manifest their status.

In the past, the scarf was not only a way to shelter and protect oneself from the cold. It was an accessory widely used in the religious sphere, with a very specific meaning, which has remained in vogue to this day.

At the end of the 19th century, scarves officially entered the world of fashion and prêt-à-porter, becoming a luxury accessory, used by men and women all over the world and made even more popular with Hollywood stars, singers and celebrities.
The scarf, an elegant and refined piece of clothing, gradually became a protagonist, especially in the world of women's accessories. Today, the scarf is worn both for the comfort it offers to shelter from the cold, and for the classic elegance it can give.

The stylish scarves from the Fumagalli 1891 women's collection

High-quality Made in Italy raw materials, carefully selected by skilled craftsmen, are the basis for elegant and authentic scarves. Silk, wool and cashmere are the fine fabrics used to make the scarves of the Fumagalli 1891 women's collection.

A quality fabric, skilfully crafted, on which to impress a story of passion, tradition and culture through picturesque patterns and prints with a modern design, inspired by the original designs kept in the company's historical archives. For more than 130 years, Fumagalli has been carrying on this union between tradition and innovation, preserving the roots and historicity of the past, blending them with the newest tastes. All this to create true works of art with which to delicately wrap oneself to obtain a refined and harmonious result.
If made with care and precision, a scarf can change the figure, poise and brighten the complexion, as well as the entire outfit. The scarves in the women's collection made by Fumagalli 1891 can be worn with casual and sporty looks to give a touch of refined class. They can be combined with suits and tailleurs in business contexts, creating an elegant and sophisticated outfit. They can also be used for more formal occasions such as ceremonies, important dinners or gala evenings. In general, if the look is characterised by a plain-coloured suit, it is possible to play with more eccentric motifs and patterns, adding the right touch of colour and personality to the outfit, always maintaining a refined style that is suited to the context. If, on the other hand, the dress is animated by colours and patterns, it is better to choose a plain-coloured scarf, with tones that match the designs of the dress, recalling the colour of the patterns or some particular detail.

Express your authenticity with the stylish scarves from the women's collection by Fumagalli 1891. Create eccentric looks that tell something about you, to stand out with class and elegance.


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