100 x 140 scarves



Fumagalli 1891 scarves from the 100x140 collection are entirely handmade with traditional tailoring techniques, using fine cashmere, precious silk and pure wool of the highest quality.

The exclusive finishing of these scarves involves a special enzyme treatment called "hydro soft", which gives the fabric a pleasant softness. To give this accessory a truly unique effect, a matt, almost aged and worn appearance, the scarves are passed through a tumbler, a basket that rotates at various speeds to gently break up the natural fibres and make them even softer and more elastic.

Scarves in this size can be worn in many different ways, depending on one's personal style and depending on the occasion: thanks to their great versatility, they can be combined with various outfits, to meet all needs. They are available in different colours and patterns, from the most classic to the most extravagant, to meet the taste of every elegant gentleman and woman.

In these luxury scarves, tradition and innovation coexist: the entire production process takes place in the Como factory using artisanal techniques, making these accessories an authentic example of Made in Italy tailoring.