Luxury men's beach accessories


Swimwear and beach bags made with natural prints to which are added innovative fabrics with materials derived from recycled plastic. The beach accessories in the Fumagalli 1891 collection are for the man who wants to stand out with style and sophistication even in the most relaxed context of a holiday.

Since the middle of the 19th century, when the tradition of holidays in seaside locations began to spread, beachwear has seen a great evolution, transforming itself from clothes in every way similar to those used in everyday life, to essential and functional items. Fumagalli 1891's luxury beachwear accessories contain all the skilful Italian tradition that makes these pieces true sartorial products, designed to give the best in terms of wearability, comfort and practicality, but also strength and durability.

Beach bags and swimwear are enhanced by handmade designs inspired by patterns from the historical archive that contains over 130 years of history and passion for the art of tailoring. The Fumagalli 1891 beachwear accessories for men are the perfect combination of history, tradition, craftsmanship and innovation, for an elegant holiday.
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