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the amazon forest

The Amazon forest is spread over the territory of nine South American states and is the largest forest on earth. The Nation that hosts the largest surface is Brazil. The state of health of this region, with an incredibly variety of animals and plants species, such as to be considered a real paradise on earth, is very delicate and in a precarious balance. In fact, the rainforest is threatened by contunue destructions that cause a imbalance of climate ecosystem of our perfect planet.

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the african savannah

The savannah of equatorial Africa is a vast territory that extends between the Sahara and the rainforest and then between the rainforest to the Cape of Good Hope.
The climate of the savannah is characterized by two seasons: the rainy season with hot and humid climate while the dry season the climate is similar to that of the desert.the flora consists of low-stemmed trees, woody plants and Graminaceous; the fauna is characterized by large herbivores including giraffes and elephants and dangerous carnivores such as lions and vultures.

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the boreal forest

An enormous area, representing almost a third of the entire Earth’s forest area.
An immense band of conifers that from Scandinavia, through Russia, reaches Japan covering all the width of Canada up to the Pacific and extends along the mountain ranges of the Rocky Mountains in America and in the Alps of the European continent. The climate is dry and rigid, quite variable, with winters of 9 months and short summers. The many animal species that populate the boreal forests range from mammals and rodents with legs, carnivores to aquatic animals.

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the sahara desert

The Sahara Desert, considered among the largest deserts in the world, is located in the northern part of Africa and is a belt that stretches from east to west, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea. The aridity of the Sahara is linked to its location in the tropical belts, where stationary conditions of high pressure persist that determine the almost absolute lack of rain and give absolute maximum temperatures that go beyond the 50 degrees. the Saharan fauna includes few animals able to bear the great heat and also very prolonged periods of drought, or to continuously migrate in search of the scarce desert vegetation

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Every corner of this scarf take you to a journey trought the mountains and the animals that live in it, from the golden eagle, the most majestic of birds of prey, embodying cosmic power to the deer representing rebirth to the bear symbolizing strength and courage. 

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Every corner of this scarf take you to a journey trought the north pole and the animals that live in it, from the wolf emblem of loyalty and generosity to the bear symbol of strength and courage

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the country side

Traditional cottages built of brick and flint that delimit centuries old roads, villages, castles and country houses, ancient churches and abbeys dating back to the Middle Ages, in an uninterrupted succession of meadows, pastures, gentle slopes and skies: this is the Country Sides

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