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All these evenings I went, around one o'clock in the morning, to see the Duomo in Milan. This church, illuminated by a beautiful moon, offers a spectacle of extraordinary beauty unique in the world. Architecture has never offered me such sensations. - Stendhal

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Make your heart like a lake. With a calm and quiet surface. A calm depth of kindness - Lao Tzu

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'There is nothing that has struck me in my life like Venice. It is the wonder of the world. A damned ancient dream place, stupendous, immaterial, impossible, perverse, unreal. I arrived there in the evening, and the feeling of that evening and the bright following morning is now part of me for the rest of my existence."



The island holds the soul in its centre like a coin that time and wind cleaned leaving it pure as an intact, rustic almond cut into sapphire skin - Pablo Neruda

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If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris when you were young, then for the rest of your life wherever you go, this will accompany you, because Paris is a party. - Ernest Hemingway

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new york

It was too much to believe it to be true; so complicated, so immense, so inexorable. and so beautiful, seen from afar: canyons of shadow and light, bursts of sunlight on crystal façades, and the pink twilight crowning the skyscrapers like backgroundless shadows draped over mighty abysses - Jack Kerouac


could live in a country like Brazil, where there is an almost tangible atmosphere of happiness. Everyone smiles when they have Rio de Janeiro as a backdrop.- Gerard Butler

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cities foulards

Discover our soft and bright pure silk foulards. Enriched with an exclusive hand-made drawing of different cities from the Fumagalli 1891 historical archive.

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